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Translation & Interpretation Services

Harriett Press offers high-quality translation and interpretation services at affordable rates. 

Our translators have worked with an eclectic range of clients, and their translations have been published in major newspapers and literary journals. Our interpreters have also interpreted at major conferences, seminars and corporate events in Singapore.

Speak to us today, and we will match you with a competent translator or interpreter who can solve your translation and interpretation needs.

한영/영한 번역 통역 서비스

하리엣 출판사는 합리적인 가격으로 고품질 번역과 통역 서비스를 제공합니다.

의뢰인의 요구를 들어주기 위해서 최선을 다하여 만족스러운 결과물로 보답드릴 것을 약속합니다.

의뢰할 자료나 통역 사항을 전달해주시면 익일 견적서를 보내드리겠습니다.  

Translation Workshops

Our translation workshops are specially designed for students and emerging translators who are interested in translating Korean or Chinese texts into English. We focus on discussion, presentations and hands-on practice to help participants learn essential translation skills and understand issues that the translation profession faces, such as negotiating translation rights, translation rates, and communicating with authors.