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Winner of the Hankyoreh Literature Award, Seo Sujin’s debut novel follows four Korean language teachers at Seoul’s prestigious H University over the course of an academic year. Readers will spend one season with each of the novel’s four protagonists—Seon-yi in the spring, Mi-ju in the summer, Ga-eun in the autumn, and Han-hee in the winter—getting a close glimpse into the challenges and joys of sharing a new language and culture with students from abroad.

As readers delve into the story of each woman and the unique paths they have chosen to become a Korean teacher, they watch Seon-yi, Mi-ju, Ga-eun, and Han-hee deal with a myriad of social and ethical challenges that accompany their job and their personal lives. From asserting themselves as modern-day career women braving sexism from both students and coworkers, to the shocking revelation that students, too, are treated unfairly as some are deemed to be more ‘desirable’ than others by H University. Some of the teachers had to bow to these pressures, but what fate would befall those who fought against the grain? Each of these women must ultimately find her place as a conduit between her students and an increasingly multicultural Korean society.

Praised as a novel that questions why highly educated women are still facing the formidable hurdle of ‘becoming somebody’ in Korean society,” Korean Teachers is gratifyingly piquant as it skillfully peeks into the lives of contemporary women and how they challenge the societal norm where gender discrimination is ever so prevalent.

About the Author

Seo Su-Jin is the author of Korean Teachers. She grew up in South Korea and now lives in Australia.

About the Translator

Lizzie Buehler is a PhD student in comparative literature at Harvard University. Her previous translations from Korean include Yun Ko-eun’s novel The Disaster Tourist and short-story collection Table for One.


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